Valentine's Day Masquerade Party

Sat Feb 10 08:00 PM - 11:00 PM @ Hubbard Inn


This event has ended.

Event Details

A WAMI LIVE INC & Meet People Chicago present a Valentine's Day Masquerade Party.

It's the weekend before Valentine's Day. It's also a Saturday. That means it is still time to party. But not too too crazy. Perfect for a Valentine's Day Masquerade Party.

WAMI LIVE INC & Meet People Chicago is hosting the only Saturday night Valentine's Day Masquerade Party. Dress in your favorite Saturday night dress or sports jacket. Wear classy, even sexy. No customs needed except a simple masque. Add some flavor with a feather or sparkles of color. You'll look cool and beautiful. Drinking white wine, scotch, whiskey and other spirits.

Join an equal number of men and women and come dressed to impress as prizes will be awarded for best male and female masque. Admission includes entry, a complimentary drink, drink specials and socialize with 100 beautifully dressed others. Plus win the contest for the best and sexiest masquerade mask for men and women.

This exclusive event will be at Hubbard Inn, Chicago River North's most sophisticated bar. Hubbard Inn is truly an amazing venue. The decor is just spectacular; admire the rich details from its lush upholstery, red velvet curtains, beautiful mahogany bar to its traditional tables and exquisite mirrors on its decorative walls. It is an intimate place yet roomy enough for 100 beautifully dressed people. Hubbard Inn is all class and the Valentine's Day Masquerade Party event fits right in perfectly.

Get your ticket to be admitted to this one and only party Valentine's Day Masquerade Party!

Valentine's Day Masquerade Party

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